Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy the book?

The book was successfully funded on Kickstarter with 1,174 backers! If you missed the campaign, we've still got you covered. You can pre-order the book on our website. Please note that pre-orders will not ship until the book is completed later this year.

When will this book be published?

We are on track to have the first copies of the book completed and shipping in the final quarter of 2019 (yes, in time for Christmas!).

What age range is the book targeted to?

Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints is aimed at children in the 8-12 years-old age range. The stories will be a few pages in length. Children on the younger end will likely need a little more guidance from an adult as these stories are conversation starters about some of the great questions of life.

Where do I direct media/press inquires?

Media and press inquires are being handled by Eliel Cruz. You can reach him at eliel [at]

Can I suggest a name of someone I consider a holy troublemaker or unconventional saint?

Yes! Please do. You can send an email with suggestions to daneen [at] The criteria is someone for whom faith mattered and who worked for more love and justice. The emphasis is definitely on the stories of women, LGBTQ people, people of color, indigenous people, and those too often written out of traditional religious narratives. I'd love your suggestions!

Who is the publisher of this book?

Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints is being published by Watchfire Media, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity. Watchfire Media produces educational books and films that provide needed resources and fosters community for the spiritually unconventional. They are a resource for progressive, “cautiously Christian”, seeker parents and others who have children in their lives who want to raise kids who are comfortable with the big questions, awed by the beauty of the world and her people, and ultimately committed to love, kindness, courage, and justice.

Who is writing this book?

You can learn more about the author, Daneen Akers, and why she feels such conviction for the need for this book on our About page. She has an advisory group helping her edit, and if you have a passion or expertise you'd like to share with this project, please email her at daneen [at] There are many artists and illustrators contributing their incredible portraits to this project.